Does It Matter if a Painting Contractor Has Insurance?

21 October 2013
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21 October 2013, Comments: 0

When homeowners are shopping for a painting contractor in the GTA , there are many things they are looking for: a good reputation, quality services, positive testimonials, and of course, a fair price. Very few people give thought to whether a house painter has insurance. So, is it important? Should I make sure the painting contractor I choose has insurance?

Yes! While it may be tempting to think, “Hey, it’s just painting… what could go wrong?” the truth is that all kinds of unforseen events may occur, and you want to be protected.

Why Should a Ontario Painting Company Have Insurance?

There are two basic kinds of insurance that a house painter should carry, and each one has a different purpose.

General Liability Insurance covers any damage that may occur in your home. Of course, a good painting contractor will be very careful and make safety a high priority. Nevertheless, accidents do sometimes happen. Falls and spills are always a possibility, no matter how careful you are. Also, painting tools and vehicles can cause damage, unlikely though it may seem. Hiring a painter with liability insurance means you are not at financial risk should something happen.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance is another important coverage that a good house painter should carry. This is a sign that an employer cares about his employees and complies with employment laws. In the unlikely event of an accident on your project, you will not be at risk of a lawsuit, since the Worker’s Compensation is designed to protect both you and the employee.

Fully-Insured Los Angeles Painting company

At Treviso Painting, we want to be above-board and responsible to our clients and our employees. That is why we carry a 2 million dollar Liability coverage and one million dollar Worker’s Compensation coverage. We will even provide you with certificates of insurance upon your request.

Not only do we carry full insurance, however: we are also licensed . Additionally, we have also earned accreditation from the PDCA, an honor very few residential painters have achieved.


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