Epoxy Flooring: Commercial or Residential?

21 October 2013
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Category: Commercial, Residential
21 October 2013, Comments: 0

viagra and a clear favorite has emerged for many applications:epoxy flooring. With its myriad varieties of colors and properties, stuff epoxy flooring is used in both commercial and residential settings. Since Treviso Painting is both a commercial and a residential painting contractor, this product is one we install often.


Epoxy Flooring for Residential Use

Many homeowners elect to install epoxy flooring in their basements, garages or home workshops. This provides a stain resistant, smooth, easy-to-clean, attractive surface for work or play. Epoxy flooring is durable and low-maintenance, making it ideal for rooms that receive heavy usage. It also comes in a variety of colors and patterns, so it can be made to match a range of styles. Practical and economical, it seems that epoxy flooring will only continue to grow in popularity for residential use.


Commercial Epoxy Flooring

It is in commercial and industrial settings where epoxy flooring really begins to show its tremendous usefulness for a huge variety of applications. It is used in factories, freezers, coolers, agricultural facilities, food processing, restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, bathrooms, locker rooms, auto dealerships and much more. Because it installs quickly in large areas, it is a great choice for minimizing downtime in your business. Epoxy coatings come with a wide array of properties. It can be made with an anti-slip finish for safety in areas prone to wetness or slippery substances. There are also anti-microbial varieties that can be used in sensitive environments like food processing, medical facilities and chemical plants. We can also repair cracks in concrete and install epoxy cove base along the edges, eliminating the crevices where mold and bacteria tend to collect and grow.


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